Cutting edge technology

We use the advanced Offset Printing machinery for ensuring world class quality service for our customers. Our goal is to standards of quality and service to our customers that results in that extra edge for them to stay ahead in the competition.

Heildelberg speed master 5 colour offset printing machine

  • Excellent smoothly printed surface which shows the minimum flute lines or washboardings.

  • Pretty slim. For a given truck or warehouse, the slimness means that more printed boxes can be put inside. For a given order quantity of boxes, this means less volume for the shipping.

  • Great cushioning property and structural strength

  • Widely used for the high quality printed packaging. The single face E flute corrugates usually goes with the litho laminated high graphically cartons, where print quality and presentation is paramount.

  • Ideal for the custom printed die-cut folding boxes

  • Light-weight, perfect alternative to the paperboard

Auto diecut Punching Machine

  • Sturdy, smooth performance and economic die punching machine.

  • Manufactured under stringent quality norms.

  • With speed, accuracy and excellent incomparable performance.

  • Double sheet detector.

  • Special designed feeder for high speed and accurate feeding.

  • With critical components imported from European countires.

  • Fully Oil bath Machine.

  • Excellent versatility (suitable for small quantities and mass production).

High speed flute laminator

  • Machine has very high accuracy of registration of top and bottom sheet due to servo technology.

  • Machine can be run upto 8000 imp/hr since registration is good.

  • Machine is provide with anolox Glue roller to control optimum thickness of glue layer.

  • Machine is made with tall height of 2.4 meter to a ccommodate more top sheets to increase production.

  • Machine can handle all type of flute, but the speed of the machine is more if the flute is straight, dried and free from edge damages.

  • Light-weight, perfect alternative to the paperboard

  • Machine has very operator friendly HMI touch screen, branded PLC and sophisticated control panel

  • Machine is designed with easy access for cleaning and other operator friendly features.

  • Machine is provided with good equality vacuum and air suction devices.

  • Pressing section of the machine is designed for straight feeding of laminated sheets and easy control.

  • All the rollers are made from appropriate material special rubber/steel as per the requirement.

  • Machine is designed in such a way that even a newcomer can easily be trained within few weeks to run this machine perfectly.

Automatic Lamination Machine

  • Automatic Lamination is having Heavy duty frame structure

  • Proven high speed stream feeding technology

  • Attachable with lamination machine by all manufacturer .

  • Double sheet detection.

  • Heavy duty pile lift system

  • Automatic Lamination is Ergonomically designed touch screen or HMI for easy machine operation

  • High end PLC and Servo motor controlled drive system for precise underlap control

  • Optional pre-loader for reduced lead time

  • Hardened and profile ground gear train to facilitate precise paper feed and to diminish noise decibel level

  • Speed up to 12,000 SPH

  • Dual advantage of thermal & aqueous lamination

  • Duplex unwind shafts, micro adjustable laterally, with “film trim slitter” & “perforating mechanism”

  • PID type temperature control unit with digital temp. display

  • Rewind station with heavy duty clutch for take-up of aqueous & low gsm substrate.

  • Supplementary adhesive tank (Approx) 25 kg

  • Sheet counter with digital read-out

  • Carbon steel helical gear train, duly toughened and profile ground to deminish decibel level

Automatic Carton Pasting Machine

Automatic Carton Pasting Machine is one of the best folder gluer . All these Box Pasting Machine are custom built as per customers requirements of various sizes.Highly versatile, and capable of making large quantity of straight line and crash lock bottom boxes. High efficiency, accuracy, and productivity is maintained. Carton gluing -side flap pasting, crash lock bottom can be done on a single machine. Pharma cartons, Food packaging, incense stick, ice cream cartons, garment boxes moreover everything in cartons. These Automatic Box Pasting Machine System are highly appreciated in the market.

  • Runs with a speed of 250 meter/ minute

  • Zero vibration and easy mount.

  • Maximum open width 650mm and minimum150

  • 180 degree pre-fold for glue flap and 150 degree for the third crease.

  • Heavy duty construction with easy lift upper conveyers.

  • Crash lock bottom with upper wheels & nozzle spray gluing system

  • Imported feeder belts and transmission belts for long life and better grip.

  • User friendly interface

Die Cutting Machine

Die Cutting Machine or Platen Punching & Creasing Press particularly designed for Die Cutting, Scoring and Creasing Work on PAPER, LINOLEUM, CARD-BOARD, CORRUGATED BOARD, FIREBOARD, CORK, LEATHER, PLASTIC AND PVC MATERIALS etc. Most Handsome and compact patronized Model requires Minimum Floor-Space. Minimum “Make-Ready” Time and provides sufficient hourly production.

  • Electromagnetic Clutch & Brake System

  • Dwell Timing Device

  • Safety in the Machine

Machine1 Size: 44 x 64
Machine2 Size: 36 x 46
Machine3 Size: 36 x 46

E-flute Corrugation machine

Suitable for converting paper into corrugated 2ply rolls. The machine is fitted with two set of flute rolls, self loading reel stand with reel shaft.

Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Capacity (ton/day) 2 Tons
Size 45
(Available Bush & Bearing Mounted)
Size 45
Heating load 24KW
Power 5 HP

Liner Pasting Machine

Suitable for gluing the fluted side of the liner/Board for making 3,5,7,9 & 11 ply. The machine is fitted with feeding table, delivery stick, paste,holding tray. With hi- speed motor for fast production Average 700-800 sheet per hour

Machine1 Size: 45”
Machine2 Size: 75”

Semi auto pasting machine

  • Main motor ac with ac variable digital frequency drives system

  • Thickness adjustment of tracks: the tracks are based on exuberant German design it adjust the thickness of the carton dramatically, in single setting both duplex and three ply may run

  • Digital counter for batch, total product, and number of pieces

  • Semiautomatic press fit type folder gluer is newly designed according to the users

  • who have the small and medium size orders. it has the advantages of small volume,small area and easy operation

  • it is suitable for small amount production and variety renovation

  • it can be applied to regular size cartons and heterogenic graphic cartons

  • The max speed can up to 56 meters per miniute, is 3-4 times than handwork

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